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Victorian Floor Tile Cleaning and Sealing

If you’re looking for Professional Victorian Floor Tile Cleaning and Sealing, then you’ve come to the right place.

Victorian Floor Tile Cleaning and Sealing - for reliable, experienced and professional floor care specialists that provide Victorian floor tile cleaning and sealing? Bailey’s Floor Care Specialists are a professional floor care company specialising in Victorian tiled floor cleaning and sealing, wood floor sanding and stone floor restoration services. We provide services in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Warwickshire and Northamptonshire.

Sometimes referred to as Minton floors, Victorian tiled floors can certainly bring the WOW factor to your home. Typically found in the main hallways of houses Victorian geometric floor are beautiful floors with their fantastic patterns but most people don’t realise they are made from clay, which is a very porous material.

Victorian tiled floor cleaning can be tricky if the floors aren’t cared for. They need to be sealed to prevent dust, dirt and all kinds of debris from getting into the pores of the tile, which quickly make the floors look dirty, dull and drab. So maintaining your Victorian floor tiles through cleaning and sealing is essential to keep them looking fantastic.

Victorian Floor Tile Cleaning and Sealing - Bailey’s Floor Care, we’ve been cleaning Victorian tiled floors since 2007 and our over the years we’ve tackled every situation from a simple clean and re-seal to restoring Victorian floors that have been covered by carpets for years. Our cleaning process will remove years of ground-in dirt whilst enhancing the colours and making you proud of your floors once more by leaving you with either a satin or shiny finish to your Victorian tiled floor.

Once sealed the day-to-day maintenance of your floor should be minimal. A regular sweep and damp mop with the occasional deep clean will keep your floor looking fantastic making you the envy of your neighbourhood.
So if you are struggling to keep your Minton styled Victorian Tiled Floors clean and you want your floors to look as good as they did when it was first laid then Click Here and fill in the form or give us a call on [acf field=”telephone_number”] and we’ll take care of the rest.

Victorian Floor Tile Cleaning and Sealing -’re passionate about Victorian Tiled Floor Cleaning and Restoration. What drives us is the before and after results as these can be amazing. What actually gives us the kick is the WOW factor we got from our clients when they see the floor after we have finished and this give us absolute and total job satisfaction – this is the reason why we do it!

Not only do we go all out to provide great looking Victorian Tiled Floors but also a fantastic service on top of that. Nothing is too much for our clients and we find that this attitude towards who we are and what we do is what keeps our clients coming back time and time again. So if this is the sort of service you would like and you want your Victorian Tiled Floors cleaning and sealing then please contact our friendly team on [acf field=”telephone_number”].