Sofa Cleaners in Beeston

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Sofa Cleaners in Beeston

The Most thorough Sofa Cleaning service you’ve ever seen – Guaranteed!

Looking for professional sofa cleaners in Beeston? Here at Bailey’s Floor Care, our sofa cleaning process is a safe and fabric-friendly approach to cleaning your soft furnishings effectively. You’ll get a deep sofa cleaning service from our experienced technicians that will leave your sofa cleaner than you can imagine. A bright and fresh welcome to any home. If you want to be proud of your home again but you need good, professional sofa & upholstery cleaners – then you’ve come to the right place!

The technicians at Bailey’s Floor Care have been providing professional sofa and upholstery cleaning in Derby and surrounding areas since 2000. We will take care of those ugly ‘hand grab’ areas on the arms or the ‘back of head’ problems on the back cushions restoring the fabric of your suite is restored to that ‘as new’ look. Watch this short video for an overview of our process.

Bailey’s professional sofa & upholstery cleaning helps to keep your soft furnishings bright and fresh. But it can be difficult keeping on top of the ugly spots that appear. No matter if you are a newspaper reader, have children or if, like me, you occasionally fall asleep with a glass of red wine in your hand – then disaster could strike. It’s always ‘just around the corner’. Anti-Stain protectors will save your soft furnishings from the perils of accidents and permanent staining by coating each fibre with an invisible, protective finish that repels oil and water based stains making stain removal easy and straight forward.

“Can you feel a difference in the fabric?” An often asked question – you won’t know the anti-stain protector is there… until you have that accident and the spill is easily removed.

But there’s the other side… the day-to-day grubbiness that creeps up on you over time.Sofa Cleaners Beeston

Then, all of a sudden you realise you need your sofa cleaning. So, if you are looking for an upholstery cleaner, someone professional to clean your sofas but not just anyone! Then you should be looking for the best upholstery cleaner around? Our upholstery cleaning is a deep, thorough and exhaustive and is guaranteed to brighten any room.

A cost-effective professional sofa cleaning service

As sofa cleaners we appreciate that you’ve probably spent a lot of money on your suite and that there will be times when you’ll need a sofa cleaner. We’ve been providing professional sofa cleaning in Beeston and surrounding areas for many years and can clean most fabric that we come across. Our fully trained technicians are able to remove the deep soiling that is typically found around the arms and back of head, even along the front by using our thorough upholstery cleaning process.

Upholstery cleaning -’ve heard some horror stories over the years, suites taking 2-3 days to dry is the most common complaint we hear about. To us, this is wrong. Sure, fabric upholstery covers foam, which will absorb more moisture than a carpet, for example, and will therefore take longer to dry naturally. With an experienced hand and a proven method of upholstery cleaning that we’ve developed over a number of years we can get most suites deep cleaned and dry in less than 24 hours, in most cases it’s ready for you to sit on in the evening, ready for your favourite TV program.

We’re not just Beeston’s most trusted sofa cleaners. No, we can also clean your fabric armchairs, footstools, recliners, dining chairs and even your fabric headboards!

Here’s what a few of our clients said about our Upholstery Cleaning Service:

Mrs Jackson of Beeston, Nottingham said this about our upholstery cleaning… “Fantastic, our site looks like new. Jordan worked really hard and left everything neat and tidy. I will definitely use you again and would recommend that anyone who needs their sofas cleaning call Bailey’s Floor Care.”

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Still unsure? Why not read below some of the many testimonials that we receive from our clients on a daily basis.

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