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Wood Floor Sanding & Restoration in Derby

Covering all of Derbyshire we can restore your wood floor back to new

Are you looking for a reliable and trusted floor care company that provides wood floor sanding and restoration services in Derby?  With over 15-years experience of wood floor sanding, you can rest assured that your wood floors are in safe hands with Bailey’s Floor Care. Our floor sanding team is trained to international standards by the IICRC and can deal with most situations that we come across.

Are your wooden floors scratched, scuffed and dull? Has the old lacquer is worn through and now looks ugly and patchy?  If you are fed up with your wooden floors being drab and would you like them to be the centrepiece of your room once more… then you’ve come to the right place.  Watch this short video to find out how we can help you to make your floor beautiful once more.

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Bailey’s Wood Floor Sanding & Restoration Services in Derby

At Bailey’s Floor Care, we provide wood floor sanding and restoration services for both domestic and commercial clients all across Derbyshire. We specialise in the restoration of wood floors using our 9-step wood floor sanding and refinishing process. No matter if it’s your Oak lounge floor, Pine bedroom floor or your local Community Centre, Church Hall or School Hall… our wood floor restoration team can help to bring the WOW factor back to your dull and tired looking floors.

Virtually Dust-Free Floor Sanding

Having invested in the latest floor sanding equipment that has very efficient dust extraction, we can say that most of our floor sanding is virtually dust-free.  You may see claims from some floor sanding companies guaranteeing dust-free sanding.   This isn’t possible, think about it.  The floor is being sanded and claims of a completely dust-free floor sanding process are dishonest.  At Bailey’s Floor Care we’re a little more realistic.  Some dust is inevitable and it’s our aim is to ensure that after your floor has been restored you don’t then have a major cleaning project to carry out.  As part of our floor sanding process, we’ll be vacuuming the floor in between each grit.  Then, just before we apply the finish we’ll be having a good clean-up of our work area.  This keeps the dust to a minimum.

2-Year Warranty


As an Approved Pallman Parkettprofi Contractor we exclusively use the Pallmann range of products when carrying out our work and are able to offer our clients a 2-year warranty for the service we provide.

What does Parkettprofi mean?  It’s a ‘Quality’ commitment.  To you, our client.  To become an approved Parkettprofi contractor we have to demonstrate to Pallmann (Germany’s leading manufacturer of floor finishes) that we can sand a wood floor to a high standard and that we can apply their products correctly.  Why is this necessary? Simply because if it’s done right, the floor is sanded correctly and the finish applied correctly – it lasts so much longer!

This warranty is backed by Pallmann through their Parkettprofi Warranty Scheme.  Why should you choose a Parkettprofi approved contractor?  Click Here to find out.

Here’s our approved contractors’ certificate… Bailey’s Floor Care Parkettprofi 2020

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If you have a wood floor that’s in need of a little TLC then get in touch. You can call us on 01332 314 045 and our friendly team will take care of the rest.

As a wooden floor restoration company, we can sand and refinish all types of wood including…

Beech Floor - www.BaileysFloorCare.co.uk

      • Oak
      • Pine
      • Beech
      • Mahogany
      • Teak
      • Maple
      • Walnut
      • Hickory
      • Cherry
      • Rubberwood
      • Spruce
      • And many more…

So no matter what wood your floor is, hardwood or soft our wood floor sanding specialists can bring it back to its former glory.

One of our lovely clients recorded a short video for us about her wood floor sanding and restoration project that we completed for Horsley Woodhouse Church Hall.  You can watch the video and read more about it here… Church Hall Wood Floor Sanding in Derbyshire

Here’s some other work we’ve done recently…

Wood Floor Sanding and Restoration in Derby - www.BaileysFloorCare.co.uk

Oak floor sanded and finished with Pallmanns’ Magic Oil 2K

Floor Sanding in Derby - www.BaileysFloorCare.co.uk

Maple floor sanded and finished with Pallmanns’ Pall-X 96 Lacquer

Wood Floor Sanding and Restoration in Derby - www.BaileysFloorCare.co.uk

Community Centre that is used daily by a toddler group. The floor was finished using Pallmanns’ Magic Oil 2K, a durable and easy to maintain finish

Bailey’s trained technicians use the latest Pallmann equipment providing an almost dust-free sanding process that removes the ugliness from your wooden floors before refinishing your floor with either oils or lacquers, depending on the finish you require. Using Pallmann products and with our meticulous work, you will enjoy beautiful looking floors for years to come.

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This is why at Bailey’s Floor Care our expert floor sanding specialists pay particular attention to not only the preparation but with the sanding and sealing, in fact with every step of our process because we want you to be WOWED with the finish we leave you.

Here is our 9-step wood floor sanding and restoration process that will give you fantastic looking floors
  1. Pre-inspection. A pre-inspection allows us to understand your needs, what your expectations are and for us to explain what we do and how we do it. Just as important, we can examine the floor, see what issues there are, if any, so we are aware before starting! This will also give us the opportunity to discuss the finish of the wooden floor after sanding as there are a few options for you to choose from – don’t worry, we can offer our guidance and recommendations if it helps.
  2. Preparation of the room for sanding. We need you to do some work of us before we arrive… If we are sanding your wooden floors, then the room needs to be clear of all furniture and breakable items. Now, we can assist with this the day before we start sanding your wooden floor if you wish, just let us know and we’ll include this as part of the work schedule. On arrival, our floor sanding specialists will run through with you what is being done before inspecting your floor and skirting boards etc. We’ll then protect where necessary – don’t forget, we’re going to be using wood floor sanders. These are heavy machines and we don’t want to cause any problems with carpets etc that lead from the room we are working in so we’ll look after these as well.
  3. Vacuuming of your wood floor. We’ll vacuum the entire floor area using industrial vacuum cleaners to ensure we remove all the loose dirt and dust, just so we don’t scratch the floor! We’ll even vacuum around the edges with crevice nozzle to get those bits that get stuck under the skirting or in the corners.
  4. Wood floor sanding. A professional wood floor sanding machine is then used to ‘cut back’ the wood. We don’t use hire machines, these are our own machines from the Pallmann range and are the highest spec in the industry that give far superior sanding results and that’s important to give you a perfect finish. The process is almost dust-free with no horrible smells or odours. Our wood floor technicians spend considerable time methodically overlapping each sanding pass to ensure we remove old seals and coatings, scratches and stains, to leave a perfectly sanded floor.
  5. Edges and corners. Using a variety of special hand tools and edging tools we’ll get into all of the difficult-to-reach areas and close to the edges of the floor, blending to a perfect finish.
  6. Final sanding finish. Here we switch from our belt sander and hand tools to a rotary wood floor sander with a super-fine grit paper that will smooth out any ridges and remove any remaining scratch marks left from the belt sander. This will make your floor look fantastic!
  7. Clean & tidy up. When we are happy that we’ve gotten your wooden floor as perfectly sanded as we can, we’ll then vacuum and dust all the areas, removing any dust contamination that there might be. Our sanding process is almost dust-free so we need to tidy up after ourselves. This also helps to prepare the room for the application of the finish so we can bring the WOW factor back to your floors.
  8. Application of finish. We have different options when it comes to which finish we apply. An Oil finish or a Lacquer finish. Each one has a unique way of application and their own distinct advantages. We’ll discuss this with you right at the beginning during our pre-inspection.
  9. Final Inspection. Once the floor seal has cured enough to accept light foot traffic we’ll inspect the floor with you to make sure you are totally satisfied with the work we’ve done. Only then will we accept your payment! You’ll need to leave your newly finished wooden floor to cure before you can use it again, usually between 12 & 24 hours depending on the finish we apply.

After sanding your wooden floors, we can also re-colour your floor using an oil-based colouring. Once we’ve applied the stain, we can then seal it in the wood helping to keep a long-lasting finish to your wooden floors. So, if you’re looking for a trusted and reliable company that is experienced on sanding and renovating wood floors, don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out about our services.

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Here’s what some of our clients have said about the work we’ve done:

5/5  ·  10th August 2020 by of SUTTON COLDFIELD
Wood Floors
Excellent 10/10 amazed at how clean the whole process was. I was dreading clouds of dust everywhere but very little escaped your machine and what did was cleaned up by Richard.
4.5/5  ·  13th January 2020 by of GRANTHAM, Skillington
Wood Floors
Professional and courteous. The work was at a high standard and the technician was very knowledgeable.
5/5  ·  10th January 2020 by of LEICESTER, Peckleton
Wood Floors
Reliable, work is of a high standard, sense that you are really interested in the work.
4.5/5  ·  19th December 2019 by of RUGBY, Stretton On Dunsmore
Wood Floors
Excellent service and very knowledgeable technicians. They did an amazing job.
5/5  ·  2nd October 2019 by of DERBY, Littleover
Wood Floors
A very good job and well done. My floor looks brand new. An excellent job and very pleased with the results.
4.5/5  ·  16th August 2019 by of GRANTHAM
Wood Floors
We felt the price for a small area was a little excessive. However the service quality of product and overall experience was excellent.
4/5  ·  12th April 2018 by of Nottingham, Pinxton
Wood Floors
Very professional service.
5/5  ·  29th March 2018 by of LOUGHBOROUGH, Woodhouse
Wood Floors
I have been very impressed. The response at each stage has been very prompt, professional friendly. An excellent job was done.
4.5/5  ·  26th March 2018 by of Derby, Chellaston
Wood Floors
Professional, friendly and knowledgeable.
5/5  ·  10th February 2018 by of Rugby
Wood Floors
Arrived on time, job completed on time with no mess.
5/5  ·  27th January 2018 by of NEWARK, Weston
Wood Floors
Thank you for the excellent work carried out to renovate the main hall at Weston Village Hall. I would like to say how impressed we have been with Richard’s work and the professionalism he has demonstrated whist undertaking this project for us. Thanks also for Jordan’s assistance, the finished levels they have achieved are truly appreciated. I will have no hesitation on recommending your company to others who are considering floor work at their homes and community halls.
5/5  ·  13th July 2017 by of Derby, Melbourne
Wood Floors
We are thrilled with the appearance of our wooden floor. Completely rejuvenated, looks like new.
5/5  ·  26th June 2017 by of Derby, Ockbrook
Wood Floors
Very professional Jordan and Richard excellent work ethic self-motivated two hard working lads nothing was too much trouble.
5/5  ·  27th May 2017 by of Belper, Heage
Wood Floors
Very professional, efficient, courteous and did what others told us could not be done. Our wooden floor looks fantastic at a very good cost.
5/5  ·  23rd May 2017 by of Ashbourne
Wood Floors
Thought I would let you know now how extremely pleased my wife and I are with every aspect of the job. Jordan and Richard were both highly professional, clearly knowledgeable and experienced and I believe have a genuine pride in their work - as they should do!! Please thank them again for us. The finished floor itself is almost beyond description, far exceeds our expectations and should be viewed as a work of art, never to be walked on!! As I said to the chaps yesterday, I cannot recall the floor ever looking as striking, even when newly laid by my father 45 years ago! I would have no reservations to recommend you to others and you would be our first go to company for any other future flooring works.
5/5  ·  15th May 2017 by of ASHBOURNE, Boylestone
Wood Floors
Very professional, knowledgeable and helpful from start to finish made the process as trouble free as possible.
5/5  ·  26th September 2016 by of NOTTINGHAM, West Bridgford
Wood Floors
Absolutely fantastic service from start to finish, our floor looks better now than it did new. Very professional and trustworthy.
5/5  ·  15th September 2016 by of DERBY
Wood Floors
First class service, accommodated all of our requirements and were friendly.
5/5  ·  15th December 2015 by of Nottingham, Radcliffe-on-Trent
Wood Floors
Very professional, very skilled, thorough and passionate about providing the best service possible, very friendly but also very professional super impressed. Rejuvenated our wooden floor almost dust free.
4/5  ·  25th November 2015 by of Ibstock
Wood Floors
5/5  ·  23rd November 2015 by of Nottingham, Long Eaton
Wood Floors
Excellent service and staff, Bringing our old, stained floor up to new. Friends have commented that the floor has never looked so good.
5/5  ·  30th June 2015 by of Towcester, Slapton
Wood Floors
Brilliant, I thought the price quote was expensive but when I saw how much work was involved I don't think it was.

If you want to find out how we can help you bring the WOW factor back to your wooden floors, then call us on 01332 314 045 – we’ll take care of the rest.

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