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Bailey’s specialist rug cleaning process is a deep and thorough process that will breathe a new life into your rugs and brighten your dull looking rugs by removing the dirt that gradually creeps up on you without you realising.

We clean all types of rugs from modern area rugs to Turkish, Moroccan, Pakistan, Indian, Afghan, Persian, Kilims, Chinese, even silk rugs, and offer a collection and delivery service for your rugs if you live in the Beeston area. So, you don’t have to worry about anything. Your rugs will be safe in our hands.

We Love Cleaning Rugs!

Cleaning your rugs will help retain their natural feel and enhance colours.  Here at Bailey’s Floor Care, our main goal is to do what is best and safest for your favourite rug, and we do not use harsh chemicals, bleaching agents or other hazardous material when we wash your rugs. We are trained in the correct cleaning and care of rugs and will choose the most appropriate method for cleaning your rugs. We will always carry out an audit and will discuss any areas of concern that you have regarding your rugs, and your options.

Perfect rug cleaning results with complete submersion for maximum soil removal

This is our rug washing process, from pre-wash inspection to finishing work… all designed to make you proud to show off your rugs to your family and friends.

1- PRE-INSPECTION: Each rug is inspected for any pre-existing conditions. Many times, soil covers up dye lot variations (abrash), fibre staining, prior dye bleeding, worn areas or white knots that become “uncovered” after the wash. Some of these are weaving characteristics (abrash and white knots), and others are damage that can possibly be repaired or reversed.

2- DUSTING: Once the pre-wash inspection is complete and the wash proceeds, the first step is dusting. Some rugs can hold up to one pound of dirt per square foot before it will “look” dirty. Cleaning a rug with pounds of fine grit and dirt in the foundation creates mud…so dusting is an important first step to the wash process.

We will remove ALL the damaging soil! Harnessing over 40,000 harmonic vibrations a minute, the Rug Badger will vibrate out even the most stubborn soil and sediments caught deep in the fibres of your precious rug!!! Some rugs can hold up to one pound of dirt per square foot before it will “look” dirty. Cleaning a rug with pounds of fine grit and dirt in the foundation creates mud…so dusting is an important first step to the wash process.

3- CLEANING: The dyes of your rug are tested for colourfastness. If the dyes are not colourfast, then the rug is prepared by setting the dyes. The rug is then given a cold water, mild shampoo bath, using soft brushes for mild agitation.

The rug is soaked for a certain length of time, depending on how much surface soil needs to be worked out and rinsed from the rug’s fibres. The rug is thoroughly rinsed with water. After rinsing we the ‘spin’ your rug in our centrifuge spinner that is designed to remove up to 95% of the water from your rug.

Professional Rug Cleaning Nottingham -

Getting a rug dry as quickly as possible reduces the possibilities of dye migration, with this process rugs take hours to dry, not days!

4- PROTECTOR: After the rug has been cleaned we can move on to applying the protector. This barrier coats each fibre to protect against re-soiling and staining. This allows you to simply mop up spillages as it prevents the fibre absorbing spills.


Professional Rug Cleaning Nottingham - DRYING: Air movers are used to help facilitate drying, without the use of high heat (so there is no worry of shrinkage). Our special drying room is temperature and humidity controlled to ensure the safe and speedy drying of your rugs. Upon a first wash, it is typical for a rug to shrink slightly (less than an inch) – just as cotton and wool clothing does in even a cold water hand wash. And as with throwing wool or cotton in a high heat dryer, you know this shrinks’ natural fibres…this is why we dry our rugs the way we do.

6- FRINGE WORK AND FINISHING: Fringes are washed an additional time after the bath. They are then dried. The rug is given a final grooming with a horsehair brush, and then carefully wrapped to ensure its cleanliness during transit. We will then deliver the rug directly to you home and unwrap it for you.

To get a quotation for the professional cleaning of your rug then either Click Here or call now on 0115 775 0191 to speak to our friendly team.

We’re passionate about Rug Cleaning. What drives us is the before and after results as these can be amazing. What actually gives us the kick is the WOW factor we got from our clients when roll open the Rugs after we have returned them and this give us absolute and total job satisfaction – this is the reason why we do it!

Not only do we go all out to provide great looking rugs but also a fantastic service on top of that. Nothing is too much for our clients and we find that this attitude towards who we are and what we do is what keeps our clients coming back time and time again. So if this is the sort of service you would like and you want your rugs cleaned then please contact our friendly team on 0115 775 0191.

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