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Wood Floor Sanding – How to Clean Wood Floors

Wood Floor Sanding – How to Clean Wood Floors

Hardwood is a great, durable timber that is used widely on floors. When cared for wood floors can last for decades making solid wood a great long-term investment but – a common asked question is How to clean wood floors!

Caring for wood floors should be straight forward and very simple if the wood floor is in good condition – but there are times when it becomes almost impossible to keep your wood floors clean for several reasons. These include:

  • Too much detergent is being used when cleaning and there is a build-up of detergent on the wood floor. This typically happens when we don’t measure the amount of detergent cleaning solution that we are using when we are cleaning wooden floors. Usually half a cap of a pH neutral detergent cleaning solution to 3-5 litres of warm water is all that’s needed. That’s how to clean wood floors.
  • The wood finish or varnish on your wood floor may have worn through and the dirt is getting into the pores of the wood and under the old wood finish or varnish. You can see this as the wood floor will look dirty in the traffic areas – even after cleaning! On closer examination you will see that the wood finish has lifted from the surface of the wood floor and water, dirt and debris his got underneath the old finish and has soaked into the wood floor. The only way to rectify this is through wood floor restoration.
  • The quality of the workmanship when the floor was last sanded. What do I mean about this? This will shock you – here is a picture of a wood floor that we’ve recently seen where the quality of the sanding was a little, let’s say, under par!  When the wood floor was sanded it was only sanded using a belt sander and some very severe scratch marks was left in the wood (these are the black lines you can see in the picture). The dirt has then collected in the grooves of the scratch marks showing as dirty patches on the floor. Again, the only way to resolve this was through wood floor sanding and sealing.

Wood Floor Sanding Leicester -

Sanding wood Floors is a last resort. Sometimes unavoidable but this is down to the condition of the surface of the wood as to if the wood floor needs sanding or not.

Care of wooden floors can be simple and straight forward in most cases leaving you with fantastic, hard-wearing and beautiful wood floors. If you need any further advice on How to clean wood or if you think that sanding the floor is necessary then you need a floor restoration company. Bailey’s Floor Care can help. Working to the highest standards of wooden floor sanding we can help to restore the beauty of your wood floors. Call us on [acf field=”telephone_number”] for a free, no obligation review of your wooden floors.

By the way… Here’s the ‘After’ picture to the one above.  This wooden floor needed a full wood floor restoration including sanding and sealing.  We used Pallmann’s Magic Oil to finish the floor leaving a brilliant, velvety finish.

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Here’s what our very happy client said after we’d restored his wooden floor…

“I was considering replacing the floor as it was proving very difficult to clean… I am over the moon with what you have done to my floor, it looks fantastic now”.

Mr Sheard, Rothley, Leicestershire

Still not sure?  Then read some of the comments from some of our clients below about what they thought about the service we provided them.  You can call on [acf field=”telephone_number”].