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Wood Floor Sanding and Sealing: Training

As many of you know, the team at Bailey’s Floor Care have been providing wood floor sanding and restoration in Derby, Northampton, Leicester, Nottingham and Warwickshire for more than a decade now, and have taken on many a tough challenge. But, it’s a very rewarding process which we love. Find out more about our wood floor sanding and restoration services here.

So, we arrived at Pallmann in Wurzburg yesterday afternoon and had a fantastic reception from everyone, which was nice.

We spent the afternoon discussing new products, especially Pall-X 333, and primer that’s applied before the final lacquer finish. ┬áPall-X 333 is a colour system and is available is 5 different colours.

before and after of wood floor sanding and restoration

Now, we’ve been able to colour floors for a long time… But not with a lacquer finish so this is revolutionary!

As the guys from Pallmann said, “innovation through design!”

We also discussed and were shown the benefits of “water popping” the wooden floor before applying any finishes. “Water popping” is a technique where water is applied to the wooden floor after the sanding prices. The purpose of this technique is to make the wood fibres swell or “open”, which allows a better penetration of the finish. The deeper we can get the finish, no matter if it’s Magic Oil or a lacquer, the more we can enhance the beauty and colours of the wood. In the picture you can see ‘U.K.’ in the wood. This is where tape was applied before water (to prevent water soaking in and therefore no water popping has taken place… Can you see how much darker the finish is?

after of wood floor sanding and restoration

If you have a wood floor in your home or business premises that’s looking old and dull, and you think it’s about time it was brought back to life; talk to the team at Bailey’s Floor Care today about what we can do for you. Call us on the number above to talk to a friendly member of staff directly, or send us a message via our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.