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Wood Floor Sanders in Leicester – The Professional Approach

Wood Floor Sanders in Leicester – The Professional Approach

We love sanding wood floors because it gives us great job satisfaction, something rarely seen now a days. When done properly the before and after can give amazing results and we like to stand back and watch our clients faces when we bring the WOW factor back to their wood floor.

A comment we often hear is “Chris, if you can’t sand my wood floor and sort it out then we’ll put a carpet down” when in most cases putting a carpet down is unnecessary as all that is needed is a little wood floor restoration by Bailey’s Floor Care.

Wood Floor Sanders in Leicester -’s Floor Care have been sanding wood floors across Leicestershire for many years and our knowledge and experience allows us to tackle even the most difficult wood floor restoration work. Although floor sanding can be done on a D.I.Y. basis there’s nothing like having a professional floor sander for your wood floor restoration project because it’s all about the finish, what the floor will look like after all the work has been done. And believe it or not – there’s an art to sanding floors, well, if you don’t want to leave any scratch marks or ‘divets’ in the floor.

When we’re sanding floors we work through a sanding process using our Pallmann floor sander. We work through the different sanding grits to firstly remove the old coatings and to level the floor, although the wood floor below wasn’t too bad from that point of view.

The reason we use the Pallmann range of products is simple. DUST! The Pallmann machines have excellent dust extraction capabilities so we can offer you a virtually dust free sanding process. So there’s no big clean-up needed by you when we’re working on a wood floor renovation project for our clients.

When we’ve finished with our Pallmann floor sander we then detailed around the edges with a Pallmann Edging floor sanding, again working through the sanding grits, getting right up to the skirting and in the corners.

At a certain stage of the sanding process we’ll then take some of the fine sawdust that we’ve collected in our machines and add it to a resin that we use to fill any gaps that become apparent. The gaps are usually caused by the expansion and contraction of the wood throughout the year due to the humidity levels. Depending on how much the wood expands, when it contracts there are gaps left between the wood, typically on herringbone & parquet wood floors but we’ve seen it on boards as well which is where filling the gaps enhances the overall appearance. Because we are using sawdust from the floor then the filled gaps become almost invisible!

What we are aiming to achieve through the sanding process?

  • To remove all of the old finishes from your wood floor.
  • Through wood floor sanding we level the wood removing any lips or gaps.
  • To leave the wood floor really, really smooth – as smooth as we can get it.

Here’s a picture of a teak floor we’ve recently completed. Before we started the wood floor had been coated many times with a varnish. This gave a dark brown/red-ish and very shiny finish to the wood floor (the dark patches are where old finishes had been removed before varnishing!).

Wood Floor Sanders in Leicester -

The attention to detail is very important during the sanding process to avoid visible sanding marks in the finish. There’s nothing uglier than seeing sanding marks in a floor that’s just been finished and we make every effort to ensure our floors are flat, smooth and free of sanding marks. Everything that’s ‘Good for Wood’ and what you need for your wood floor.

Finishing the floor is just as important as the sanding process. We use Pallmann range of products when finishing our floors and we used Pallmann’s Magic Oil on this teak floor. This gave the wooden floor a matt, velvety and very durable finish whilst highlighting the grain of the wood bringing the WOW factor back to our clients’ hallway wooden floor.

Wood Floor Sanders in Leicester -

“Fantastic, you even got the white mark off my floor where I had stood my steam mop. My wood floors look brilliant. Worth every penny.”
Mr & Mrs Granger, Leicestershire

So if this is the sort of service you would like and you want a company that is good at wood floor restoration then please contact our friendly team on [acf field=”telephone_number”].

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