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This client chose the wrong carpet cleaner!

Not all carpet cleaners are going to provide you with a 1st class service…

Over the years I’ve found that there’s a massive difference in knowledge and experience between all of the carpet cleaners in Leicestershire. We received a call from a client saying… “I’ve just had my carpets cleaned by another carpet cleaner in Leicestershire and I’m not happy with the results. Can you come and take a look at them please?…”

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Having carried out a simple ‘white cloth’ test it was very clear that the carpet cleaner hadn’t done a very good job!

The client admitted that they hadn’t paid a lot of money for the work to be done – but still expected a high standard of work. We all know that time is money but sometimes paying so little in the first instance can lead to inefficient cleaning and the job having to be done twice.

Professional, deep cleaned carpets can make a dramatic difference compared to low cost ‘surface clean’, which will inevitably look ugly again in a very short period of time. Let me explain why…

Although we find that most of our clients remove their outdoor shoes before walking on their carpets it is inevitable that soil and grit will still be walked onto the carpets. We know this from when we change our vacuum bags (yes, we vacuum!). So, it goes without saying that for those people who don’t remove outdoor shoes that the level of soil at the base of their carpets is dramatically increased.

In our clients case the carpet cleaner made the biggest mistake of all by not vacuuming before he started cleaning. He just applied his cleaning solution and started rinsing the carpet off (a 2 step process compared to our 10 step carpet cleaning process). The problem with not vacuuming first is that his cleaning solution and rinsing solution got deep into the carpet, turned the dry grit and soil that was at the base of the carpet into a gushing mud river beneath the fibres.

Ok, not that bad BUT… can you imagine what did happen to the dry soil and grit when all that water hit it! It would have definitely turned to a sludge that the carpet cleaner would have removed some of in his rinsing process. But, because he didn’t pre-vacuum the carpet there was too much for his machine to cope with, so some of it was left at the base of the carpet, out of sight (for the time being, at least). And I don’t doubt that the carpet cleaner was well chuffed with his efforts when he’d finished!

Now for the truth of what probably happened after he left. So the carpet looked ok. But then the carpet started to dry out!

Now for the techie bit…

Carpets dry through evaporation, so the water will evaporate from the tip of the fibres which means that the carpet actually dries from the base to the tip! This mean that as the carpet dries from the base the soil will ‘wick’ up the stem of the fibre as it will travel to the wet part. So, after all the water has evaporated from the tip and the carpet is dry then the dry soil that was at the base of the fibre will now have ‘wicked’ to the tip of the fibre.

This is what has happened to our client from her previous carpet cleaners and we were able to demonstrate this with our simple ‘white cloth’ test that identified that there was soil present on the surface of the carpet.

In all cases like this we always advise our clients to discuss the issue with the previous carpet cleaners and see if they can resolve the problem, but in this instance it was clear that we needed to resolve the matter, which is no problem for us as we’re always happy to take on a new client!

Did you know?

A thorough vacuum of a carpet, using a suitable upright vacuum cleaner will remove up to 80% of the dry soil in a carpet. Had the previous carpet cleaner vacuumed before wet cleaning the carpet the issue probably wouldn’t have been so bad.

So, when selecting a professional carpet cleaner in Leicestershire – or any other area for that matter – how do you avoid making the wrong decision?

Here’s 7 points to look out for when choosing a carpet cleaner

Here at Bailey’s Floor Care, we’ve come across endless amounts of clients who have faced similar problems with carpet cleaners. It’s as frustrating for us to see as it is for the customers to go through, as it gives carpet cleaners a bad name. So, we’ve put together a list of 7 things to look out for when you’re choosing a carpet cleaning company.

  1. Are they trained and if so, are they trained through the IICRC or NCCA (not through a manufacturer)? Don’t be shy – ask to see their certificates. If they have them, they’ll be happy to show them off!
  2. Are they insured and do they have ‘Treatment Risk‘ as part of their insurance? Without ‘Treatment Risk’ they are not covered for items ‘being worked on’.
  3. Do they have testimonials from past clients that they can show you? Most competent carpet cleaners in Leicestershire will have a folder full of client testimonials that they’ll want to show you.
  4. What equipment do they use? This one’s a biggie! If they turn up in a car and walk in your home carrying their ‘cleaning machine’ then politely ask them to leave! Most professional extraction machines are around the size of a shopping trolley and will need to be wheeled around rather than carried!
  5. Do they appear uniformed and professional? Let me clarify this point. Would you rather trust a carpet cleaner who turns up in a clean, sign-written vehicle, looks smart in his uniform, has the appropriate paperwork and greets you with “Good morning, my names Tom!” or some guy that arrives in a beat-up van, jeans, t-shirt, unshaven and says “Hiya love”… I know which I’d prefer!
  6. Did they give you a quote over the phone? This one always amazes me. How can anyone give an accurate assessment and firm price of the work required without first seeing the carpet!
  7. Do they offer a Guarantee? If they know their job inside out and are confident in their abilities then why not offer a guarantee? We do!

If you’re looking for a trusted and reliable team of carpet cleaners in Leicester, Derby, Nottingham, Warwick or Northampton, get in touch with Bailey’s Floor Care today for a free no obligation quote. Call us directly on the number above or fill out the quick and easy contact form on this page.

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