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Rug cleaning trip… From Leicester to Athens, Greece… Cont 2

We’ve been in Athens a couple of days and have been to visit Hanta Systems, a rug cleaning machine manufacturer… And it was brilliant… Ok, a bit of a busmans holiday but I really enjoyed it, Sarah was probably a little bored but she hid it well!
It was fascinating to see the different stages of the manufacturing process and how the rug cleaning machines have their place in the cleaning process – I’d love to get a rug washing machine back to Leicester! This a ‘dusting’ machine that removes the dry soil from the back of your rugs by gently beating the back of the your rugs to shake the loose soil out…

rug cleaning trip to athens 2

We currently use a ‘rug Badger’ to do this, same principle but a mobile unit. The thing about the Hanta unit is that it will improve efficiency massively and therefore help reduce labour and overall cost as well as the turn around time!