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Keeping dirt, soil and crud at bay

Keeping dirt, soil and crud at bay

Chris Bailey of Bailey’s Floor Care in Leicester, a Professional Carpet Cleaner since May 2000, is fighting dirt and dry soil and explains how to keep the crud and critters at bay and out of your carpets.

Carpet maintenance is just like exercise! If you get into a routine and keep it up, you will see great results and feel better for it.

Containing Soil and Dust at the front door is where the battle starts… Ever heard of the saying “The best defence is a great offence?” Preventing dirt and grime from getting on the carpet in the first place is a great start for keeping your carpets clean. Keep reading to find some helpful hints that can stop dirt in its tracks.

Barrier Mats are your new best friend in the fight to keep dirt at bay and on the right side of your doors… Be proactive. Use outside and inside mats or runners, which work together to reduce the amount of dirt that enters your home. Choose wisely, if used outside, the mats should be made to withstand the sun and rain.

Mats designed to hold water that drains from wet and snowy footwear should be kept indoors or under an overhang to prevent the mats from filling with rain water. Walking over mats should leave less water to track into the house, not more.

Mats work best if cleaned frequently. Vacuum up dry soil. Remove embedded soil from an outdoor mat by giving it a shaking, followed by a good striking with a brush. Some of the vinyl or rubber-type mats can be washed off with a hose or with dishwashing detergent mixed in a bucket of water. Soap them up and rinse them off when you wash your car. Then lay them outside on the driveway or hang them over a porch railing to dry. Always dry your mat completely before vacuuming.

Mats should not only function well, but also enhance the appearance of your home. They should be big enough to fit the size of the door, larger ones can be sourced for French/patio doors. Encourage family and friends to wipe their shoes – In fact, to save wear and tear on carpets why not ask visitors to remove their shoes before entering the main part of the house. Putting a bench in the foyer or hall makes this procedure easier, as do storage cubbies or bins that will neatly keep the doffed footwear. From a carpet maintenance point of view, removing shoes is a good habit to get into. But be forewarned: some quests and relatives balk at the inconvenience.

Stopping or at least reducing the amount of dirt, soil and crud that gets walked into your home is just the beginning…

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