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How to remove soot from your carpets

Have you ever wondered how to remove soot from your carpets?

A bird got stuck up your chimney… but didn’t shout like Santa did. Instead it flapped its wings and struggled for its life – and eventually it got out!  But not before leaving you with a big mess on your carpet because the soot that was dislodged from its frantically flapping wings is now all over your carpet, around the fire!

You rush to get the vacuum and spend a few minutes frantically vacuuming before you realise it’s not making any difference.  So you dive into the cupboard under the sink and rummage around for your favourite carpet spotter.  After a further ten minutes of spraying and scrubbing you see that all you’re doing is creating a big black patch.  “I give up” you think.  But what about your poor carpet?

How to remove soot from carpets -

Time to call the Professional Carpet Cleaners.

Soot is a fine powder consisting mainly of carbon.  Because of it being a really fine powder it gets lodged in the fibres of the carpet, which is why vacuuming isn’t much help.  Applying water based products only facilitates the spreading of the stain.  Specialist cleaning products that are designed to emulsify the oil and greasy deposits of carbon are needed to remove the soot from your carpets.

Lots of agitation followed by a thorough rinsing with an acidic product that neutralises the high pH of the soot removing product and your carpet is restored – panic over.

A professional carpet cleaner is the right choice to deal with a soot fall and to save your carpet. With the right products, equipment and knowledge they should be able to make light work of what might look like a disaster in your home.

How to remove soot from a carpet -

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