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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Amazing results with our Commercial Carpet cleaning process.  Cleaning carpet tiles is different from cleaning your typical domestic carpet because carpet tiles typically have a shorter pile than traditional carpets found in your lounge at home.  Of course, there are exceptions to this, which you would expect, as some domestic carpets have short pile as well!

What’s the difference? Well, this is where it gets technical.  Most carpet cleaning companies use the method of ‘Hot Water Extraction’, which is where water is squirted into the carpet pile under pressure and then vacuumed up (in the same process using the same tool) along with all the dirt, crud and everything else that’s at the bottom of your carpet.  For this process to work efficiently there has to be good airflow so the water can be extracted from the carpet – otherwise you have really, really long drying times because the water is left in the carpet and long drying times bring all sorts of issues with it.

“And… ” I hear you thinking. Well, when commercial carpet cleaning, Hot Water Extraction isn’t always the best method for cleaning low profile (short pile) carpet tiles.  This is because the airflow through the extraction tool is greatly restricted because of the short pile (not much air will flow between the base of the carpet and the tool head) meaning that unnecessary amounts of water will be left in the carpet… leaving the client with longer than necessary drying times where all sorts of problems can occur.

There’s an alternative… We’ve recently cleaned one of our regular clients’ carpets, it’s a junior football club and here’s a picture of the main function room.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning -

Can you see what’s missing?  Yes all the stains have gone!  But – so has the pool table (it was cleaned mid-cleaning so the felt could be replaced).  We used a ‘Low Moisture’ method of cleaning in these low profile, commercial carpet tiles and our client was over the moon, especially as it was dry within a couple of hours!

So the benefits of using a Low Moisture approach are that the results are fantastic, in some cases better than a full wet clean because of the issues that would cause.  The room was back in use within a couple of hours and with very little disruption to the building, noise was negligible – in fact the photocopier was noisier than us!

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Don’t forget, we provide commercial and domestic carpet cleaning in Leicester, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Warwickshire (Including Coventry, Kenilworth & Leamington Spa) and Northamptonshire and our friendly team are waiting to help restore your Commercial Carpet Tiles back to their former glory.

Still unsure?  Why not take a moment and read some of the testimonials that we receive on a regular basis and you’ll see what our clients think about Bailey’s Floor Care and the work we do.

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