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Carpet Cleaning in Leicester

If you’re looking for Professional Carpet Cleaning in Leicester – then you’ve come to the right place!

At Bailey’s Floor Care, we’ve been providing professional carpet cleaning in Leicester since May of 2000 and are often called to simply look at carpets to assess the need for cleaning.

professional carpet cleaning leicesterAs a local, family-run company, we enjoy working as part of the Leicester community, cleaning carpets for both homeowners and local businesses.

We find that an inspection of the soiling level using a simple process easily demonstrates the requirement for a thorough cleaning.

This carpet didn’t look too dirty before we cleaned it. But, as professional carpet cleaners we were able to demonstrate the level of soil in our clients’ carpets and that it was time for carpet cleaning to restore the carpet with a deep and thorough cleaning.

Even though the carpet was an 80/20 wool mixture our process was straight forward and involved the following 10-steps:

  1. An inspection of the carpet with our client to ascertain its current condition and our expectations of the cleaning process.
  2. A thorough vacuuming of the carpet using an upright, commercial vacuum cleaner to remove the dry grit and soil from the base of the carpet.
  3. Tackling the tough spots and spills using our stain removal process and products.
  4. Application of our phosphate, detergent-free cleaning solution that will not leave any dirt attracting residues in your carpet.
  5. Agitation of the carpet pile to break the dirt and soil away from the fibres ready for extraction.
  6. Extraction of the soils from the carpet using our ‘Truck-Mounted’ hot water extraction machine that rinses deep into the pile of the carpet.
  7. Placing all furniture with wooden or metal feet on protective blocks/pads to prevent rust marks or dye stains from leaching into your carpet.
  8. Grooming of the pile to ‘set’ the pile aid drying.
  9. Speed drying (where possible) to reduce the drying times.
  10. A final inspection with our client to ensure they’re happy with the carpet cleaning.

Here’s what our client Mrs Cope from Leicester said about our carpet cleaning service…

“…Brilliant! I didn’t realise how dirty the carpet was until I watched Jordan clean it, I was ashamed how dirty it got so quickly…”

Mrs Cope also said…

“Jordan was great, he moved all the big furniture around and cleaned under my two sofas and spent a lot of time and effort removing the dark spots we had. He gave us a lot of advice on how to deal with stains in the future. We will definitely be using you guys again”.

If you’re looking for a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company in Leicester to tackle your carpet then call Bailey’s Floor Care – Leicester’s Premier Carpet Cleaning Company, now on [acf field=”telephone_number”]. 

All of our carpet cleaning technicians are fully trained to IICRC standards. The IICRC are the ‘go to’ people for training, knowledge and understanding in our industry so as professional carpet cleaners we were more than capable of cleaning this carpet.

To our surprise we found that the carpet was less than 2 years old and it was very clear that the traffic areas of the carpet needed cleaning on a more regular basis to maintain the appearance of the carpet. Our client agreed and decided to become a member of our Perfect Care Plan, joining many other clients in allowing us to care for their carpets for them, taking the worry away from caring for their carpets.

Our Perfect Care Plans include:

  1. An Annual Deep Clean & Protect
  2. A Free Hi-Lite Clean of the walkways after 6 months
  3. A Free Lifetime supply of our Professional Spot Remover
  4. A Free Emergency (ish) call-out service to tackle any accidents that you can’t deal with.
  5. No increase in prices for as long as you stay on the plan.
  6. 20% discount from our list price for any other work, not covered by the plan, that I clients have carried out on a scheduled visit.

All this for no more than having your furnishings Cleaned & Protected every 12 months! That’s why our clients love our Care Packages. If you would like more information about our Care Packages then please call us on [acf field=”telephone_number”].

Bailey’s Floor Care provides a professional carpet cleaning service throughout Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Warwickshire (Coventry) and Northamptonshire. So, if you’re looking for an experienced and trusted team that provides professional carpet cleaning in Leicester, contact our friendly team on [acf field=”telephone_number”].

Learn more about our carpet cleaning services in Leicester.

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