Can you remove specific stains?

8th May
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At Bailey’s Floor Care we can remove any spot that is not a permanent stain. However, there are conditions where permanent staining is present. The following is a list of conditions which may or may not allow spots to be removed. The percentage listed next to the condition is the percentage of CHANCE we have of removing it, NOT the percentage of stain that will be removed.

Yellowing (50%)

Yellowing can be as simple as neutralising the spot or area by spraying a solution on it, or it can be impossible to remove. There are many unknown causes for yellowing. It is so common that we have several different products on our van just for yellowing.

Filtration Soiling (25%)

Filtration soiling is the black marks you see around the edges of your base boards. Typically we can get these lines to lighten, but seldom do they come all the way out. The particles in filtration soil are so fine, and go all the way down the sides of the yarn and through the backing of the carpet. This makes it very difficult to remove.

Urine (50%)

When urine is fresh and has not been cleaned using an alkaline spotter, the chances are good. If the urine has been there for a long time, the chances are slim. However, urine will continue to deteriorate the carpet, so it is extremely important to remove the urine deposits, even if the spot does not come out.

Vomit (50%)

Same as urine. (If red dye is present in dog or cat food, see red dye removal.) [Consumer feedback – it would be absolutely brilliant to have a list of cat and dog foods that are free of staining dyes! Pooh regularly regurgitates and some of the results are really hard to get out]

Blood (75%)

If no hot water or alkaline cleaning products have been used, chances are good. [please list alkaline cleaning products for those of us who aren’t sure]

Rust (85%)

Chances for rust removal are excellent.

Red Dye (5%)

Red dye is almost impossible to remove unless conditions are exactly right. If the carpet is new, the chances are better. In many cases the only way to remove red dye is with a heat transfer process in which we apply a product to the spot, lay a wet cloth over it, and apply an iron to cause the spot to transfer to the towel. The spot is then rinsed thoroughly. This is a special procedure and due to the extra time it requires, we do charge extra for this.

Lipstick (50%)

Chances are good that we will be able to remove it with solvents. However, some lipstick may be in the red dye category which gives it a slim chance for removal.

Furniture Stain (01%)

Almost impossible.

Soft drinks (95%)

Usually not a problem.

Tea & Coffee (50%)

Tannin spots sometimes cause a permanent stain. Many times when coffee or tea is spilled, it is very hot. This can cause a stain to be set into the carpet.
[I knock over more coffee than anything else and would love more specific advice here for immediate remedies]

Ketchup (50%)

If ketchup has red dye in it, it could leave a stain. But without red dye, it’s not a problem.

Mustard (15%)

Mustard can be very difficult to remove.

Paint (20%)

If it is a fresh spill the chances are much better. If it has already dried, chances are slim.

Chris Bailey

Written By: Chris Bailey

Caring for his clients' soft furnishings and floors since May 2000. Chris is passionate about providing a second-to-none level of service that he believes all his clients deserve.

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