3 Questions About Our Virus & Bacteria Eliminator

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3 Questions About Our Virus & Bacteria Eliminator

We’ve received three questions in this past week regarding our Virus and bacteria eliminator, so we’ve recorded another video to directly answer these questions.  It’s a long one this time – just over 9 minutes!  We could have recorded a short video but there’s some important information that we just could not leave out.  Go and put the kettle on and have a cup of tea or coffee whilst you are watching.

Here’s a summary of the video:

Question 1 – What’s the catch… why are we giving away a bottle of Virus and Bacteria Eliminator?
Question 2 – Is it safe to use? Can I use it on my wood countertops?
Question 3 – How and where do I use it.

All valid questions we think! Hopefully, you’ll find the information in the video useful.

Free Virus & Bacteria Eliminator is you are classed as vulnerable

We’ve been able to order some more bottles of our Virus and Bacteria Eliminator and expect delivery on Wednesday 6th May.  If you or anyone you know is classed as vulnerable and would benefit from a bottle of Virus and Bacteria Eliminator, then call us on 01530 249 370 and we will get a bottle sent out to you Free of Charge as soon as we can.

It’s a good sanitiser for all your hard surfaces and touchpoints around your home.  Instructions for how and where to use it are in the video.

We’ve had to put the price up to £12.00 a bottle.  This is because of the cost of the bottle and trigger spray has increased, not the product!   It seems there has been a rush on bottles and trigger sprays recently.  Someone is making some extra money out of this, be interesting to see if the price drops after the pandemic has ended.  Whilst we can we would like to give our Virus and Bacteria Eliminator out free of charge to vulnerable people who need them.

Just call us today on 01530 249 370 and we can arrange to get one to you in the post.

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Thank you and stay safe

Warmest regards

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